Tinder problems and Answersю My own accounts would be restricted but don’t do anything.

Tinder problems and Answersю My own accounts would be restricted but don’t do anything.

We will try to communicate with ecommerce to obtain a solution available.

Unban your membership i am 21

I’m 21 and also in the military, I’m 100percent positive their because I occurred to express Having been a 15Y and for a person civis that buddygays profielvoorbeelden do not know, that is definitely my own MOS, your job signal for the Army. Anybody I had been discussing with requested i claimed 15Y and just after that I got prohibited for “violating terms of service” at the top of the webpage it claims “age confined” hit one’s body however this is bull

I would like my refund in return

Hello guys I need simple reimbursement right back remember to, because we just closed for example month best.

I have to delete the account satisfy?

My buddy has the membership to track down lots of people she needed luckily i can’t erase they and I need as it’s under simple number and email address contact information just asap.

We need the phone of someone I was mistakingly disconnected from

We had been talking and I also pushed give and that he faded. I wish to has his phone once more. This actually produces me personally angry as I’m an effective buyers you have and fulfilled a pleasant complement.

We have a great software tip and wants to potentially either they to sell they to Matchteam or perhaps to advice about devepment.

The app was a social news/ going out with software for ways. The goal is to hook specialist in neighborhood towns and cities to each other, if someone else demands somebody for an assignment, this is application.

Should you need a professional for this short film or vice verse, a cam boy, whatever performers you may need are actually in this article. And greatest ly an individual evaluate people based upon the company’s benefits.

To recuperate accounts

I have to check if Ive ever endured an account with tinder, and what was with that accounts. The e-mail is actually sunsetsend@***.

definitely not getting the SMS to sign up

We acquired this morning two text message utilizing the number i sorts it properly and obtained a mistake content 304 I believe. inquiring to try once more. since then im unable to receive any text message..so are not able to register back once again 🙁 Many thanks Franck

To unbanned my membership because i am of age

Im 19. July 26th 2001.

I must changes. I go to Ole Overlook.

I would like delete my own tinder membership asap

Hi tinder Needs stop my membership on tinder head start finish of may i never wish wages anymore month after month, i dnt understand why tinder does autodebet from my plastic on a monthly basis without proof first of all? That is not just right to do that.

We cnt stop from your applestore there is no diet plan to delete subcription.

You should cease simple registration tinder immediately. Don’t utilize my own card nowadays.

Inadvertently acquired tinder plus for 6 months as soon as I wished tinder advanced for monthly

Accidentally had unsuitable purchase

Simple accounts was forbidden and feel these people restricted our cell too

And I also attempted joining another multitude but it’s hard to use tinder back at my cell kindly assistance

I would like to getting compensated are considered the fees back at my debit cards

I am just becoming billed for a thing that I did not enroll

How do I have my favorite your money back?

Therefore I signed up for silver and then I terminated my personal membership which unlikely over just 6 months but We haven’t had gotten your refund as well as i’d like it the cash back please !

I’ve got 2 account on 2 iphones.

I’ve got 2 records on 2 iphones. I’m attempting to buy tool it certainly doesn’t i’ll.

Claims that profile already is out there. Pls services.

Question being forced to with cost for Tinder Gold

Can I use a fruit present cards to afford golden

I need to end the registration

I have to cancel simple tinder membership

How does someone become your gold strategy transferred on to my personal unique quantity?

I’d a silver arrange then changed phone and multitude. Nowadays I dont be able to access they. Simple outdated number was 941-928-****.

Money Back

Hello I’m searching for a refund for my present buy Tinder coins. It doesn’t see my personal objectives. Regards Marta

How to see a refund

I’m in a half-way premises that does not allow us to bring this particular service is the an approach I’m able to receive a refund

Exactly why my personal levels has been frozen?

I would ike to inquire the reason just my own levels has been banned without having to be furnished any warning or valid reason.

I am on various a relationship programs besides and absolutely nothing like this possesses ever occurred.

What is actually their foundation, investigations and evidence to confirm whatever you create?

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